Overnight Down by the River


Location: Douglas Trail in the Clifty Wilderness of the Daniel Boone National Forest

Duration: One night

Companions: One

Date: May 2017


Last week, my partner (I’ll refer to him as Tarzan) and I ran to the hills for an overnight away from the city. We got to the parking lot around mid afternoon and hiked a trail along the river a couple miles to the campsite with the awesome fireplace. After setting up camp, we explored the rest of the trail and found a neat campsite by the river with a hollowed out tree that looked like it would be an awesome throne…except there was a huge black snake who already claimed it. We also got to check out the Clifty Creek. We found a great campsite with a nice little waterfall, which will be a great swimming and fishing spot for one of our hot summer trips. The rest of the night was spent hanging out by the fire, making Pad Thai, and listening to music. We had a particularly silly wood run where Tarzan put his boombot on his belt so we could listen to ODB and Biggie while wandering around the forest picking up deadfall for the fire.


The next day, we slept in and spent a good part of the day drinking coffee and making blueberry pancakes and goetta. This was not a quick breakfast. We didn’t get packed up until around 3pm. So instead of doing the long, difficult hike I wanted to do, we just explored the area a little more and headed back to the car. Of course, we stopped at Miguels Pizza before going home.



Cheese and Salami Wraps (cheese, salami, and Oloves wrapped in a tortilla)

Pad Thai

Blueberry Pancakes and Goetta


Wildlife & Landmarks

DSCN1113 copy
big black snake
little garter snake
Red River
Clifty Creek


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