Summer Rains in the Backcountry


Location: Parched Corn Creek, Turtle Back Arch Red River Gorge, KY

Duration: Two nights

Companions: Six

Date: July 2017



In July, I managed to get 6 people to go camping with me! We hiked about a mile down to the bottom of the gorge and set up camp at a big site beside Parched Corn creek. We decided to camp by the creek to combat the hot July temperatures. It is usually cooler down low under the shade of the trees and there is easy access to water. The night was spent cooking dinner and dancing around the fire.

This was an exciting trip for me because it was the first time we used our new tent! We bought a Nemo Dagger 3person to accommodate my tall, broad shouldered Tarzan. It turned out to be lighter and packed down smaller than my 2 person tent!  I LOVE this tent. Everything about it is light, spacious, and durable. It has two doors, two vestibules, light diffuser pockets that give off a nice glow when you put a head lamp in them, and a cross pole that allows for lots of head room.


The next day, we took our time with breakfast and such, which I regretted since it poured rain for most of the afternoon. We spent a few hours huddled under our elaborate tarp set-up, watching our tents to make sure they didn’t flood. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to camp down low with all of the rain. I learned that if water starts pooling up around your tent floor, you can dig a trench with your boot, a large stick, or a rock, leading the water down hill and away from your tent. This saved one of our tents from flooding. The rain finally let up and we were able to dry our stuff off and go on a short hike. By sundown, our spirits were back up and we had a second fun night around the campfire.


The next day, most of the group left before Tarzan and I woke up. We went with our one remaining friend on a day-hike to turtle back arch and to a big waterfall on swift camp creek trail.

I was so happy to have so many people join us on this trip and I am proud of us for sticking out the rain. I’m glad we can always have fun in the backcountry, no matter what the weather does.

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