A Year of Camping Trips

In 2017, we set a goal to go camping at least once a month from January to December. I am typically awful at sticking to these types of goals, where there isn’t much of a purpose other than to say we did it, but this one stuck. I think it was because we love being out in the wilderness and we start to get the itch about a month after getting back from a trip anyway. I already wrote about some of these trips extensively but I have been meaning to bring it all together in one post for a whole year. So, here’s a quick glance at every camping trip we took in 2017…


We spent one chilly night on Douglas Trail in the Daniel Boone National Forest. It got down to 10 degrees, which makes this the coldest night I’ve ever spent in the woods. It was eerie to hear the ice cracking on the river, but we stayed cozy with warm sleeping bags and hot tea.


We went camping TWICE in February! The first was on Tarr Ridge in the Daniel Boone National Forest for my 30th birthday. My friends snuck a cheesecake into our campsite!!

On the second trip we hiked Turtle Back Arch to Swift Camp Creek in the Daniel Boone National Forest. It was warm for February and rainy but we got a huge fire going thanks to some driftwood under an overhang that my friend crossed the freezing cold creek to retrieve.


We went on a large group multi night backpacking trip in the Daniel Boone National Forest where we hiked a good portion of Rough Trail and all of Swift Camp Creek Trail. After the 200th creek crossing, I decided to just hike barefoot for awhile along the muddy trail.


The first day of this trip was so rainy that we hung out at camp all day under some tarps we rigged up, but the second day was beautiful. We hiked part of Rough Trail in the Daniel Boone National forest and I got some amazing photos that I shared in my Kentucky Wildflowers post.


We went back to Douglas Trail for another overnight which was much warmer this time. We saw several little snakes and one huge black snake! I love seeing how trails differ depending on the season.


We braved the crowds in the Red River Gorge for a Saturday night trip. We usually don’t like going on weekend nights but was the only time we could go. We hiked the most awful trail to get away from the crowds and ended up finding a great campsite along the creek where we could cool off with late night dips in the water.


Another hot and rainy trip on Rough trail in the Daniel Boone National Forest. This trip featured chilling our beverages in the creek, digging a trench from our friend’s tent to keep it from flooding, and the maiden voyage of our bigger lighter three person Nemo Dagger tent!


We went back to Tarr Ridge for the solar eclipse. This ridge was perfect for viewing the eclipse even though we weren’t in the area of totality. The other highlight of this trip was making a full steak dinner including mushrooms & onions, sweet potato, brussels sprouts and crusty bread.


We did an easy overnight in John Bryan State Park because I was too busy this month to take time off of work for a longer trip. We cooked a chicken and veggie dinner in the dutch oven and I went into town the next morning to get work done at a coffee shop. If you camp here be ready to be constantly fending off raccoons. One stole a whole loaf of bread from us.


Before a wedding in Wisconsin, we stayed a night at Mirror Lake State Park. Of course, it rained, so we decided to go home a night early. We loved how clean and quiet this campground was and hope to go back again for a longer stay.


We did a loop in the Daniel Boone National Forest that included Pinch-em-Tight trail, part of Rough Trail, and Rush Ridge Trail. We got to camp down low and up high. We also hiked to Grey’s Arch, one of the biggest arches in this area.


We finished off the year by “camping” in a yurt in the Daniel Boone National forest for my friend’s birthday. She was not into winter camping so we compromised and had way too much fun. We made excellent meals, relaxed in the hot tub, and went on day hikes. Even though we didn’t sleep in the woods we still got to see the waterfall at the end of Turtleback Arch and the view from Auxier Ridge. It was a great end to the year.

These trips taught me so much about how to achieve a fun goal along with becoming more comfortable in the backcountry. Thank you to everyone who joined me on these trips and a special thank you to my guy who went on every trip with me.

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